Video Marketing – The way to go for banks!

Look around & you can see so many people deeply immersed in their mobile screens watching videos. Videos are a very popular type of media consumed by people today. They are engaging, entertaining and flexible, making it easy for viewers to access it anytime, when on on-the-go. All of these qualities prove video marketing a powerful & effective way to communicate about your bank, its products & services, and build relationships with your existing & prospective customers.

Successful video marketing starts with a right video marketing strategy. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while doing so.

Connect emotionally:

Stories are engaging & involving, viewers connect with them on an emotional level. When a story is about influencing or impacting a human life or organisation, they get emotionally attached easily.

Produce a video that revolves around an individual whose financial problems were solved by your bank, or a story of a group of people who easily achieved their dreams because of your bank.

Showcasing real stories with real people is a good way to gain the trust of your customers & gain new customers, as it shows for real how banking with you can bring them success.

Opinions matter

Let your customers be your flag-bearers, let them market your bank to your audience. Customer opinions are powerful, they impact your brand image. When a potential customer seeks to obtain one of your services, say open a savings account or avail a home loan from your bank, there are chances that he will look out for reviews about your bank online. In such a case positive reviews or posts about your bank will encourage them to obtain your bank’s services.

A warm, engaging & honest video will work wonders for your brand.

Market your USP

Let your video speak your USP aloud, make it the hero of your video, giving your customers the reason they should choose to bank with you.

If your bank offers higher interest rate than the standard market rates, play on your strength, promote and publicise your USP to your customers & prospects through a video, making them believe that they will gain more with you, if they choose to bank with you.

Let your customers learn

Educate your customers, pass your expert banking & financial knowledge to them to make it easy for them.

An individual has just started earning and is looking out for ways to save & invest a part of her money. Through e-learning/2d & 3d explainer videos or animated videos, your bank can easily answer his/her questions. These videos establish you as a service provider that they can look forward to when they need financing.

Increase your viewers

The most important aspect after producing a video & publishing it on various social media mediums such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you have to make sure that it attracts the maximum number to eyes. Invest funds, promote them aggressively. Take advantage of the social platforms to boost traffic to your videos.

Coming to creating & implementing a video marketing strategy, the above pointers will definitely help you produce effective & compelling videos.

So now that you know how video marketing will help promote your bank, get in touch with expert explainer & corporate video production companies & filmmakers in India to get your work done. These videos will not only help you earn your customer’s respect but loyalty too.