Branded Content

Branded content involves creating content linked to a brand that allows consumers to make the connection with the brand. Branded content can entertain people or teach them something, resulting in better brand engagement and returns than traditional advertising film. Since the message isn’t a sales pitch, it creates trust between the brand and the consumer.

We create original content for brands. More than looking for a direct sale or conversion, these contents try to impact
the audience and spark conversation around the brand.

Branded content seeks to turn this reality around and create content that users really want to consume. The best branded contents are capable of telling stories that excite the audience.

Our branded film production process ensures best results for our clients. We take the client brief, develop a script, and sometimes we storyboard too. We propose a treatment to be given to the audiovisual & also provide voice over support. A production schedule and delivery date are then decided. There is also a post-production process involved. At times, VFX Specialists, Animators and Sound Engineers are involved too. We have a Casting Director who ensures that the right actors are hired for the job.


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