Powerful reasons to consider video marketing to boost your business

‘Big things come in small packages’, this statement proves itself true when it comes to measuring the power of a mobile phone. The reality of today is that people are on their phones ‘all the time’. According to a new study by US-based media agency Zenith, India will have 530 million smartphone users by the end of 2018, * these users spent roughly 3 hours a day on their smartphones. #
Smartphones have essentially replaced TV as consumers’ first screen, this has fuelled the consumption of videos on smartphones. The average estimate of handset users watching YouTube videos is found to be about 30 percent. ^Indians begin their day with videos on their phones, a report by mobile advertising firm InMobi shows. Between 6:30 am and 9:30 am is their preferred time for this activity.$
The reason behind this upsurge is that phones are easily available at an affordable price, cheap & easy availability of mobile data/Wi-Fi. Also, the versatile nature of videos to communicate a message & influence its viewers has played an important role.
These statistics and trends have enticed & persuaded organisations to ‘strike while the iron is hot’. Hence, multiple organisations are now actively indulging in animated explainer video production to reach out to their target audiences & cash in on the huge mobile market.
Here are reasons why organisations should see mobile video marketing as a ladder to growth.
Social media giant loves videos
The Facebook news feed is filled with videos. Facebook’s Autoplay feature makes videos more eye-catching than a regular post. With algorithms in favour, Facebook has already started promoting videos on a global platform. Considering all these, videos can truly be called as Facebook’s marketer’s friend.

Videos are versatile
Consumers are interested in the information that is served to them on a platter. Videos are an efficient way to do so. They help businesses communicate their message point black to their target audience in very little time.
Also, video formats like 2D & 3D animated explainer videos make an organisation’s marketing message more effective & interesting with its audiovisuals, sound & voiceover. These appeal the viewer’s many senses & elicits feelings that make the viewer emotionally or mentally attach towards the video & understand it better.

Understand what the customers love
Through mobile video marketing, organisations can track user response instantly. This helps them to track ROI & understand what actually resonates better with their target audience, thus improve themselves on various levels.

Sharing is caring
As an organisation involved in animated explainer video production, an important thing they wish is their video reaches places. The best part of videos is that it has huge viral benefits. An entertaining, informative or heart-touching video is shared without a thought. Also, many social sites like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram make the discovery and sharing process quick.
The more a video is shared, the more it is liked & approved and is favourable to boost the search engine rank of the website. All these will in turn garner trust & popularity with no extra effort.

An engaging affair
Through ‘product video demos’ & ‘how it works’ videos, organisations communicate with its consumers the value that it offers. This proves to be a powerful marketing & sales tool. They engage the audience & lure them to click through & purchase a product or service, thus driving sales & profits.

Memorable & easy to recall
What you see & hear stays in your mind, as the message brings along with it an added emotional quality. As videos are powerfully engaging & build a connection with its viewers, the viewer’s ability to recall a video or its message is very high. This makes videos a great tool to increase conversion rates.

OTT apps are here to entertain!
Bored? Waiting for someone in a public place? Mobile comes to your rescue. Thanks to OTT apps like Netflix, Hotstar & Amazon Prime etc. an increasing number of people, especially the youth is accessing their favourite entertainment through their mobile devices. An organisation can make the best use of this to draw people into their message through a video.
Though mobile video marketing can be an organisation’s best ally, there are few things to keep in mind before indulging in 2D & 3D animated explainer video production.

Keep it short, sweet & adaptable
Videos should be produced keeping all formats in mind, providing its viewer with a delightful watch!

  • Keep videos aimed at social media short & sweet as the consumers’ attention span is extremely short
  • Also, mind the length while posting video ads on OTT apps such as Hotstar or Voot etc. Although the ads don’t roll for more than 30 seconds, they don’t like to be bothered while watching their favourite series or movie
  • The videos are easily adaptable to all sizes of screens, vertical or horizontal, so the viewer doesn’t have to keep rotating the phone screen
    Smartphones are everywhere and so are videos. Simplistic, high on emotion & creativity, mobile video marketing is the best & easiest way to get millions of views, in turn, millions of potential customers. Take advantage of this effective way to reach out to people, get a 2D/3D animated explainer video production from any of the leading animated explainer video production companies in India and be rest assured to take your business to newer heights.