5 Reasons that make Videos the Future of Content Marketing

One of the most rapidly-growing and sought after ways of marketing – ‘Video Marketing’ plays an important role in content marketing. An effective tool that brands use to capture its customer’s attention & communicate its brand message to them. Here are 5 reasons why Video Marketing definitely works in your favour. Videos promote brand recall […]

Powerful reasons to consider video marketing to boost your business

‘Big things come in small packages’, this statement proves itself true when it comes to measuring the power of a mobile phone. The reality of today is that people are on their phones ‘all the time’. According to a new study by US-based media agency Zenith, India will have 530 million smartphone users by the […]

Explainer Videos: The latest marketing trend to follow

Today’s marketing concern is to find a marketing channel that is easy to use & reaches the maximum target audience. Well, an answer to this concern is ‘Digital Marketing’. Digital Marketing has grown exponentially in last few years. The present scenario now is that if a company does not have a digital presence then it […]

Know how businesses can use explainer videos to their advantage

What causes a heart attack? How do aeroplanes fly? How is a Metro train built? How to transfer money via a payments app? Humans, and their infinite questions related to different subjects. How do you answer them? Well, there is a user manual & FAQs section, but they are tough to understand & people quickly […]

Video Marketing – The way to go for banks!

Look around & you can see so many people deeply immersed in their mobile screens watching videos. Videos are a very popular type of media consumed by people today. They are engaging, entertaining and flexible, making it easy for viewers to access it anytime, when on on-the-go. All of these qualities prove video marketing a […]