Explainer Videos: The latest marketing trend to follow

Today’s marketing concern is to find a marketing channel that is easy to use & reaches the maximum target audience. Well, an answer to this concern is ‘Digital Marketing’. Digital Marketing has grown exponentially in last few years. The present scenario now is that if a company does not have a digital presence then it is not considered as trustworthy. There are many factors that impact the digital marketing strategy of any organization, major ones being Technology, Storytelling, First Mover Advantage and Mobile-Focused Digital Marketing.


Technology helps marketers strategise and measure marketing campaigns more effectively. It also aids in making digital marketing operations smoother and productive. Advancement in technology ensures that you know more about audience behaviour and preferences, this enables you to run personalised campaigns.


Storytelling, on the other hand, is evolving because of fierce competition among marketers to get audience attention. The scenario nowadays is that the more loaded you are with technology and digital marketing tools, more is the success rate in grabbing the customer’s attention. Some popular. Some of the trending digital marketing tools are HubSpot, Powtoons and Google Trends etc.

First Mover Advantage

Today, businesses are wanting to get the first mover advantage by trying out new ways to innovate, exploiting new marketing communication channels and setting trends to be in a better position than the others. There was a time when businesses hardly posted anything on Facebook or Instagram, but now they have become an important part of their social media strategy. Similarly, in today’s times, running a paid campaign on Facebook is a must for any organisation, as without it they wouldn’t have any reach. Likewise, putting features like ‘live streaming’ on Facebook and Twitter & ‘Stories’ on Instagram to use are mandatory for any organisation.

Mobile-Focused Digital Marketing

Mobile is another mode of communication which cannot be risked to be ignored by any digital marketer. In the year 2016 Google announced the mobile first index which means that by 2018 Google will rank websites on the merit of their mobile versions as opposed to their desktop versions. This move came in because most internet users are perpetually on their mobile phones.

Some tips for mobile digital marketing:

  • Make sure your websites are responsive
  • Mobile users have higher chances of watching videos
  • Location of the mobile can be used to create more effective, innovative & personalised marketing campaign

Business today are creating a ton of content and videos to promote their business. They can differentiate from their competitors by creating a content or video that is thought-provoking and entertaining. A thought-provoking and entertaining piece of communication catches the attention of the customers and keeps them engaged for a longer period. Videos help brands to go viral and get more shares and impressions.

Let’s see the how the latest digital marketing trends can be communicated using explainer videos:

  • Voice Search: This is the future of the how people will use web search engines. People are already getting used to using Siri & Alexa. Apart from making the searching process easy & fun, voice search is transforming the way information and communication are processed. Videos are easier to be voice searched and have the maximum hits e.g.: ‘A Girl Winking’ as the keyword for voice search will show a video in the first suggestion in the search.
  • Get the traffic from smartphones and tablets: Majority of consumers use mobile to find/buy/sell anything. Be it shopping, movie ticket booking, finding a place etc., in fact, there are quite a few chances that you might be reading this article on a mobile device marketing. 2D & 3D animated explainer video productionhas a greater advantage than content marketing as people love to watch videos rather than reading content. They have become so popular that even education institutes are using mobile devices as a mode of teaching, a classic example would be BYJU’s.
  • Live Videos to be the content king: It is the real-time engagement that live videos enable makes them essential for a brand to realise their success. Live Videos are effective and impactful. They maximise direct communication with customers & gives business the opportunity to reach and interact with more people across the world. Making the most of this advantage, you can produce explainer videos which show a live video of a person actually using or testing the product in presence of a large audience, this will definitely have a positive impact on a businesses’ sale.
  • Augmented Reality incorporated through social media: With the launch of Pokémon GO game, Augmented Reality has gained immense popularity, businesses have started investing in Augmented Reality services. Explainer videos shown via an app in an Augmented Reality mode would be more dynamic and a hit in the minds of the consumer quickly. Augmented Reality videos are easy to create through computer generated 3D images & 3D architectural visualisation.

Help your brand differentiate from others by indulging in video production, don’t just make your target audience aware of your organisation, but let them experience it through amazing stories. To get a 2D & 3D animated explainer video produced for your business, you can easily get in touch with any Augmented Reality or 3D architectural visualization company in Mumbai, India.