Know how businesses can use explainer videos to their advantage

What causes a heart attack? How do aeroplanes fly? How is a Metro train built? How to transfer money via a payments app? Humans, and their infinite questions related to different subjects. How do you answer them? Well, there is a user manual & FAQs section, but they are tough to understand & people quickly lose interest while reading a text. Here, explainer videos prove to be of great help to gain viewer’s attention, encourage viewer engagement & answer questions easily, irrespective of its complexity.

More and more organisations across different sectors find the need to quickly and engagingly communicate their unique value proposition to their consumers clearly.

Let’s take a look at how they can tap into the power of explainer video creatively and potently:

1. Information Technology:

Software is a complex subject. Many software and mobile applications can be hard to figure out and difficult to use. Software companies can get explainer videos produced to explain their product & mobile application developers can use 2D & 3D animated explainer videos to show how their application works. Many Information Technology companies use animated explainer videos on their landing pages to let their visitors know what they are & what their company has to offer them.

2. Health Care:

For someone about to undergo a heart bypass surgery or for a medical student who wishes to understand the condition of a patient after being injected with anaesthesia, an explainer video proves to be of a great help. Health Care industries can use explainer videos to create health and hygiene awareness, explain complicated procedures, instruct patients on how to prepare for a procedure or educate its viewers about medical terms.

3. Manufacturing & Industrial:

From machines to chemicals, the kinematics and dynamics of it aren’t easy to explain or understand. For example, you are an automobile or a natural gas company, you can use explainer videos as a tool to show your consumers & investors on what happens inside your factory, your workforce & give a visual identity & voice to your company. You can also educate students & general public about how a machine is made, how they can be used, how fossil fuels are formed & extracted etc.

4. Education:

Make your students read a textbook and they will find boring, show them a video & they will be happily interested & engage themselves with it. Also, reading a chapter & understanding it is a tad bit difficult as compared to watching an explainer video that shows students how it is done through infographics, typography, character design, motion graphics, colours, voiceover & animation etc. Practical Knowledge is more impactful & easy to understand than Theoretical knowledge, but if a student wants to know why are there volcanoes? Why do they erupt? You can’t show them that practically by taking them inside or near a volcano site. Here, an explainer video can be put to good use.

These are just a few industries that can put explainer videos to use, but their versatility allows them to be used across any sector & for any purpose. Engage, educate and entertain your viewers meaningfully & creatively with an explainer video produced, it is always a profitable idea for start-ups & corporates to invest in. There are many animated explainer production companies in India who hold a rich portfolio of creating explainer videos for various industries, you can get in touch with them to get an explainer video made for your organisation.