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Strategies in betting

Strategies in betting


Bookmakers can place a Trixie type bet consisting of three doubles and one express of three events. Two events are sufficient for a positive calculation.

In the first runs, the favorites usually win and if you choose the three most likely bets in one Trixie type, the bettor is guaranteed to make a profit when winning two outcomes due to the high odds.

Against the favorite

Favorites do not always win - it is characteristic of various sports and more than one strategy is based on this. It is necessary to place a bet on the fact that the main contender, whose victory is estimated by the bookmaker by odds 2.0-3.0, will NOT win the race. In case of failure, it is necessary to increase the bet amount in order to win back the minus and increase the game bank.

This is the usual overtaking, but due to the high odds in the races here it is not necessary to have a large bankroll to make a profit.
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