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The feat of the bride: visiting the restroom

The feat of the bride: visiting the restroom

The wedding is in full swing, having fun, guests, champagne flows like water! Plays music, contests changed one after another, dancing, laughing guests and honeymooners, but if the bride had worried. What worried her in this most happy day in her life? This wedding planner among high jinks what she was thinking? It is not that the beginning of a new life and not about what a wonderful holiday, there is a problem more serious - like going to the toilet?

According to a survey conducted among brides on their wedding day, each of them more than just think about three things:

1. How do I look?

2. Who came up with these shoes?

3. How in this dress to go to the toilet?

How could still cope with the fluffy dress in the ladies' room? How not to smear it? That's what a good part of the wedding day the bride torments and gives her face a certain kind of preoccupied. After all, hardly anyone thinks that going to the bathroom for the bride can be fraught with difficulties universal scale.

First of all, some of the girls are embarrassed to ask for help from their friends or from the witness, and yet to cope with the dress almost not real, it necessarily need to raise high. Better prepare for this in advance and discuss with the witness that you need help.

Shy is not worth it, because it is a natural need and without going to the toilet just can not do. You will definitely need some help, as it will be necessary to overcome the obstacles in their path in the face of a lot of happy families and well-wishers, as well as the hall, the decoration of which was an amazing glass door to get to the promised place.

The very same witness shall ensure that, in order not to plunge into the euphoria of the holiday so that would be too busy and not available for brides who may need help at any time.

So you do decide to exploit and have come to the ladies' room. Of course, in the midst of the holiday the toilet is not the first freshness, to say the least, and the floor in the bathroom resembles a swamp. Do not risk the dress. You need not hesitate to ask the staff to wash the floor and wipe it dry. Now the way is open. With the help of friends, and maybe not the same, whichever style of your dress, you can finally satisfy all their needs.

The situation is much worse, if you can not find a nearby witness, then dress will have to raise their own. In order to most successfully implement it, it will have to raise even in front of the booth, and it is desirable to sit on the toilet on the contrary, facing the barrel. This advice is especially useful in cases where the back of the dress has a long follow-up, like the tail of a mermaid.

Needless to say, going to the bathroom gives a lot of trouble to the bride. Maybe it makes sense to take into account when choosing the dress and this factor? Find out how to choose best forx currency pairs for trading. Best tips.