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Capital gains tax on shares

Capital gains tax on shares

Capital gains tax on shares

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Basically, the same rules apply here as for interest gains or gains from rising fund shares. A flat rate of 25% is due, to which the solidarity surcharge and, under certain circumstances, church tax must be added. In the case of very low profits, a lower tax rate may also apply. Profits must be taxed in Germany, even at foreign banks or online brokers. In the latter case, however, you must subsequently pay tax on profits yourself, whereas share profits generated at a bank based in Germany are automatically deducted via the final withholding tax. Private investors who use a German provider therefore do not have to deal with this issue in great detail.

However, it is important to know that the saver's allowance can also be used for profits from trading in shares. You can also issue an exemption order to an online broker. In addition, for stock exchange trading, profits from the purchase and sale of shares up to an amount of 9,000 euros do not have to be taxed. The maximum rate of the final withholding tax is even only due when the profit reaches the amount of 70,000 euros. However, German providers always pay the entire 25 % to the tax authorities first. The difference to the actual tax burden can, however, be refunded via the income tax return.

An example for the calculation of the tax burden on share profits

Shareholder X made a profit of 100,00 Euros at Exness download in the last calendar year by trading in shares. If he is unmarried, he can deduct 801 euros savings allowance. Of the 99,199 euros that remain, he has to pay 25% flat-rate final withholding tax plus 5.5% for the solidarity surcharge. In his case, this amounts to 24,799.75 euros for the final withholding tax and 5455.95 euros for the solidarity surcharge. This results in a total tax burden of 30,255.70 euros.

Capital gains tax for Forex, CFDs and Co.


For trading in foreign exchange (Forex) and CFDs, the same rules apply as for other capital gains. The final withholding tax of 25 % is due. If the provider is a German bank or a German online broker, the calculated amount is automatically collected. If you trade with a foreign online broker, you must subsequently declare the profit in your tax return.

The full tax rate of 25% does not have to be paid in every case. This is especially not the case if you only trade on the stock exchange as a sideline and have another full-time job. A personal tax rate can then be determined that is significantly lower than 25 %. However, since German providers initially pay the full amount, the excess taxes paid must be claimed back via the income tax return (Anlage KAP).